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Best known for making $1000 in a day, Teri Ijeoma is the name on everyone’s lips right now, inspiring thousands of people from around the world, teaching them how to supplement their income through trading, so they can design and enjoy their ultimate freedom lifestyle.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to trade but thought it was too complex, you’re right, there are no overnight successes or magic wands. With more than 10+ years invested in trading education, courses, workshops, thousands of dollars and a lot of trial and error, Teri developed tried and tested expert strategies and proprietary intelligence that fast-tracks your learning journey and your earning performance. These very same strategies enabled Teri to transition from working full time in the education and non-profit sector to working part-time in her own business while she travelled the world doing what she does best. Trading, and sometimes, in her pyjamas.

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“Very informative and easy to understand. Loved the relatable stories and the tips shared.”


“This class was so value added! I liked your personality! You’re an amazing teacher and easy to follow/learn. I never felt overloaded with info. You made me excited to begin trading.”

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Teri Ijeoma’s VIP Trade and Travel Program is a self paced online course with over 100 hours of training to help you trade stocks for income! It includes seven classes of education accompanied by bonus group coaching calls that start each month, and a supportive Facebook community.

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